UD Group Launches an Industry First: The UD Connected Journey

UD Group News - UD Group Launches an Industry First - The Connected Journey

In an industry first, UD Group has recently developed and launched the UD Connected Journey, which enables energy brokers to seamlessly transfer sales data to energy suppliers.

UD Web CRM users can now easily submit energy sales to suppliers without duplicating effort between the CRM and a supplier’s Broker Portal. By integrating the two systems, brokers will save time and reduce errors, whilst suppliers can increase their sales, minimise manual processing efforts and gain access to new TPIs.

Sarah Oliver, Head of Product at UD Group commented

“We’ve spent a lot of time over recent months refining a solution which allows both energy suppliers and brokers to save time and money. Brokers no longer need to spend time re-keying any information from the UD Web CRM into suppliers’ Broker Portals, as the UD Connected Journey automatically transfers the data for you. With higher levels of automation and a greater likelihood of contract acceptance thanks to pre-contract checks, resources can now be allocated to more important tasks such as customer management.”

Kaveh Radfar at Guild Utilities remarked 

“I’ve found that processing our energy sales via the Connected Journey has made my workflow much more efficient!”

In another breakthrough, any contracts produced within the Broker Portals using the UD Connected Journey are fully populated and validated using each supplier’s Broker Portal validation. Contract acceptance rates are also improved as feedback from the supplier validation rules help to reduce post-submission rejection rates and unnecessary delays.

Kim Davie at Assured Energy says 

“I find the UD Connected Journey very easy to use, and I love that the data pulls through automatically and accurately. I think it’s a great new feature and I’d recommend it to any energy broker in the market.”

To follow on from this development, UD Group is currently working on an API which will complement their existing API toolkit and enable connectivity direct to the UD Broker Portals from any CRM system. All TPIs submitting high volumes of contracts will benefit from the removal of the need to manually copy data into portals or batch upload files enabling streamlined processes and greater transparency for Broker-Supplier partnerships.

UD Group works with over 1,350 UK Brokers, all of whom can easily be connected to Broker Portals and benefit from the UD Connected Journey to submit validated contracts to suppliers.

If you are interested in exploring how the UD Connected Journey could benefit your business, contact us today at hello@udgroup.co.uk  


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