Solutions for Energy Suppliers

We work with the Big 6 and Challenger brands alike to help energy suppliers transact efficiently 

Connected Journey

Our systems all work together to ensure a smooth and efficient sales journey as data flows between systems

Faster Quoting & Contracting

Enable your TPI network to generate online quotes and perform instant credit checks for increased certainty in sales acceptance

Automate Tasks

Take advantage of our innovative integrations to our partners to auto-populate validated data and reduce manual error-prone typing

Connect with Brokers

Gain access to over 1,500 of the UK’s largest energy brokers

Solutions and software for energy Suppliers

SME Broker Portal

Enable your brokers to submit validated SME energy sales

I&C Broker Portal

Validate half hourly meter consumption data and access live pricing

Broker Insights

Understand more about your sales partners 

Price Point

Understand and optimise your price position in the energy market

Who we work with

Whether you're a Big 6 player or a Challenger brand, we have the solution for you

Frequently asked questions

Our solutions and software products are specifically tailored to the energy market and enable suppliers of all sizes to grow their TPI network using a trusted digital sales journey.

The UD Broker Portal is a well-known solution – in use by over 1,500 UK TPIs, so many TPIs are easily able to start using new portals.

You can choose which products to make available and where to set consumption limits and meter restrictions.

The UD platform is hosted in UK-based Microsoft Azure data centres and regularly tested to ensure continued security.

Please contact UD Group at for information on our pricing structure.

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